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Hayden Burke of 7th Floor interviews The Umbilical Brothers on behalf of Australian Stage

The problem with interviewing two physical comedians on a print media platform is the interview often turns into comedic improvised sketches which are very hard to describe with the written word. One will just have to use their imagination as they have been for the past thirty years at The Umbilical Brothers unique *mime with sound* performances. Or just like with their latest offering, The Distraction, you can use technology to watch it on screen:

You don’t need to flex your visual imagination muscle in their latest show. Because two green screens, a lot of cameras, special effects, computer power and an onstage tech wizard named “Doug” do it for you. How did we get here though? Hayden Burke interviews David Collins and Shane Dundas live on zoom to find out:

Read the print interview: HERE

Watch the interview:.

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