In-kind rehearsal space 

7th Floor is run by passionate creatives who, like many, have felt the brunt of an incredibly difficult 2020/2021. We firmly believe that our power lies in coming together in community to support one another. 

Because of this, we are offering what we can; a new program of free rehearsal space for projects intending to be produced by November 2021, by application.

We are offering 77 hours of in-kind rehearsal space (to be divided between successful groups at 7th Floor's discretion) in Brunswick West for projects that:

  • are independently produced (i.e. are not funded by a mainstage theatre company)

  • are not in receipt of external grant money 

  • are intending to be produced/staged by the end of November 2021

  • are comfortable to present a showing/in-progress rehearsal viewing during or at the conclusion of the rehearsal period at The 7th Floor Hub (with 7th Floor invited guests).

We particularly encourage the application of groups whose team or projects have been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To apply, please fill out the form below by June 30th 2021. Shortlisted projects will be contacted for an in-person or zoom meeting (COVID dependent). Successful projects will be announced thereafter and rehearsal hours will be allocated in consultation with the creative team.

Disclaimer: like many creatives we are struggling in 2021, therefore this offer will be available as long as we have the money and space to offer support. 7th Floor reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Rehearsal Space Program

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